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Hi! My name is Nate Eldredge.

By trade I’m a mathematician, with particular interest in probability theory and stochastic analysis. My research is generally more pure than applied and focuses on proving theorems about random processes in various weird and abstract settings. For more info, see Professional.

My interests include: math, hiking, cooking, math, Linux, the outdoors, food, beer, baseball (Padres and Giants), computers, games, football (Chargers), film, programming. And also, math. I live in Colorado, where there are lots of great opportunities for all of these things (especially hiking).

The initial purpose of this blog is a place to collect various spare-time projects I’ve worked on, that might be of interest to other people. We’ll see how it evolves from here.

If you want to contact me, see Contact. You are also welcome to leave comments anywhere on this blog.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you’re having fun.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Nate,

    I found your research interests are pretty much like mine.
    Though, my work is far more simple.
    I’m interested in Dirichlet forms, and the connection of stochastic processes and PDE.
    At some point of my study, I came across your notes on infinite dimensional integration and functional analysis concerning Dirichlet forms.
    They are extremely useful as they are more analytic style, which I’m used to,
    than the standard textbook written by Fukushima and his colleagues.
    Also, your explanation is more clear, down-to-earth, and concrete than any books
    I’m using. After reading your notes, I found those books are more readable to me.

    So I just want to say here that, “Thank you a lot! I appreciate your work!”

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