I’ve just finished putting up Mathgen, an online generator for random math papers. It’s based on SCIgen, which generates papers in computer science.

To illustrate, I just generated a 15-page paper entitled “Stochastically Dependent Algebras for a Simply Ordered Curve,” by N. Kobayashi and A. Ramanujan. Its abstract reads:

Let us assume $| \iota | \cong \aleph_0$. We wish to extend the results of [16] to monoids. We show that every discretely quasi-nonnegative arrow acting compactly on an essentially left-Cayley isometry is almost associative, parabolic and partial. Next, in future work, we plan to address questions of uniqueness as well as stability. It was Fibonacci-Frobenius who first asked whether sub-completely super-Jacobi curves can be computed.

Go try it out, and generate a couple for yourself. Also linked from that page are more info about the program, source code, and links to randomly generated books you can buy.

3 thoughts on “Mathgen!

    • Book mode isn’t available on the web site (due to the server load it would cause), but you can generate books by downloading the mathgen program and running it yourself. See the “Get the Code” link.

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