I’ve just finished putting up Mathgen, an online generator for random math papers. It’s based on SCIgen, which generates papers in computer science.

To illustrate, I just generated a 15-page paper entitled “Stochastically Dependent Algebras for a Simply Ordered Curve,” by N. Kobayashi and A. Ramanujan. Its abstract reads:

Let us assume . We wish to extend the results of [16] to monoids. We show that every discretely quasi-nonnegative arrow acting compactly on an essentially left-Cayley isometry is almost associative, parabolic and partial. Next, in future work, we plan to address questions of uniqueness as well as stability. It was Fibonacci-Frobenius who first asked whether sub-completely super-Jacobi curves can be computed.

Go try it out, and generate a couple for yourself. Also linked from that page are more info about the program, source code, and links to randomly generated books you can buy.

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