Fake airline email FAIL

I just got an email, nominally from Southwest Airlines, advising me of my upcoming itinerary:

Depart SAN LEONARD CITY IL (SLC) at 6:30 PM on Southwest Airlines
Arrive in PHOENIX CA (PHX) at 2:19 PM

So apparently SLC is not Salt Lake City but a nonexistent city in Illinois, Phoenix is in California now, and flying between them takes negative 2 hours and 11 minutes (even after accounting for time zones).

Yep, seems legit!

Hey, I have a blog!

Well, isn’t this fun.

The charter for this blog, as it says above, is “diversions, distractions, and math.” Probably more of the former than the latter.

The name of this site is a homage to Tom Lehrer‘s song “That’s Mathematics!” which is embedded here for your convenience.

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