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As a tie-in with Mathgen, I am offering randomly-generated mathematics textbooks for sale via Lulu. $5.00 per copy sold will be donated to the American Mathematical Society, for the support of (deterministic) research in mathematics. (The remaining cost of each book goes directly to Lulu to cover printing costs; I’m not keeping any of the money.)


  • Each book contains over 300 pages of guaranteed mathematical rubbish, including theorems, proofs, and exercises. Also included is a randomly generated index and an exhaustive bibliography of over 250 non-existent references. Plus, a special cover blurb praising the book with randomly chosen cliches!
  • Professionally bound and looks impressive on your desk or bookshelf
  • A great joke gift for a mathematically inclined friend
  • Use it as the textbook for your next topics course
  • Much cheaper than most real textbooks
  • Support random mathematical research (and the real kind too, since a portion of each sale benefits the American Mathematical Society)

Titles currently available:


Galois Knot Theory: With Applications to Elementary Global K-Theory by J. Maruyama (Buy!)

Softcover, 323 pages, US$17.08 (subject to change)

From the cover:

This up-to-date book is strongly recommended as a high school textbook. Intended for researchers and advanced graduate students, this eloquent book will introduce the reader to the classification of super-compact algebras as well as an example of Cantor. A brilliant discussion of closed lines is reserved to later chapters. […] The notable author is a prominent expert in non-linear category theory. In the last 769 years, many advances have been made in convex algebra. The reference combines a rewarding account of parabolic arithmetic with a up-to-date description of higher universal number theory.

Two older titles are also available. (The “quality” of the content is slightly lower as some bugs have been fixed since they were generated.)

Cover image of Convex Algebra

Convex Algebra by E. Brown (Buy!)

Hardcover, 314 pages, US$25.53 (subject to change)

From the cover:

Intended for researchers and intermediate high school students, this illuminating resource will introduce the reader to everywhere singular scalars as well as uniqueness methods. Convex Algebra will be accessible to anyone familiar with singular potential theory and Galois theory. The renowned author makes a point of introducing universally multiplicative, anti-open arrows immediately…

Cover image for Higher Group Theory

Higher Group Theory by H. Smith (Buy!)

With Applications to Non-Linear Mechanics

Paperback, 351 pages, US$17.77 (subject to change)

From the cover:

Higher Group Theory will be accessible to anyone familiar with microlocal operator theory and non-commutative mechanics. The prize-winning author’s comprehensive writing makes this monograph ideal for self-study by beginning high school students. A lucid discussion of contra-embedded numbers is reserved to later chapters. In the middle chapters, the focus shifts to questions of separability…

How can you possibly refuse?

11 thoughts on “Mathgen Books

    • It takes a little bit of time to produce a book on Lulu, and in particular I can’t automate the process. So I’m not providing this. But if you download the Mathgen program, you can run it in “book mode”, which is what I used to create the books. It produces a PDF that is correctly formatted for Lulu’s 6×9 inch hardcover or paperback formats; you can upload it, pick out a cover, and order as many copies as you like (or as few as 1). (And you can send your own \$5.00 to the AMS if you like 🙂 )

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  2. This looks lovely, but why is e.g. Convex Algebra the most expensive despite having marginally fewer pages? Is there some other reason or were the contents therein particularly ‘insightful’?

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