An intriguing invitation from Advances in Pure Mathematics

Now here’s an offer that’s pretty hard to resist.

Invitation to Join Our Editorial Board

Advances in Pure Mathematics

ISSN Online: 2160-0384

Dear Dr. Nathaniel Eldredge,

The Advances in Pure Mathematics (APM, ISSN: 2160-0384 ), plans to recruit new members of the Editorial Board to serve an initial one-year term with renewal options. In view of your outstanding contributions in this area,

I am pleased to invite you to apply to be a member of the Editor Board. More information about it can be found at the following website:

Benefits of the position

•  Collaborating with an international editorial leadership team

•  Mentoring authors from all over the world

•  Receiving editorial reviewing resource materials

•  Participating in research projects to improve the editorial process

•  Acquiring knowledge on the latest innovations in qualitative inquiry

•  Gaining a valuable credential for tenure and promotion review

Relevant Information

Members of the board are expected to recommend papers for publication, help to review submitted manuscripts and provide suggestions to promote the journal. If you are interested or have any person to recommend, please feel free to send your questions or application (including your research areas of interest and CV) to

APM Editorial Office

Tempting… very tempting. I’d be in distinguished company, and it would be so rewarding to serve the scientific community as a part of APM’s rigorous peer-review process

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